Friday, October 26, 2012


Last night I met with my WSET educator (their word, not mine) Ian to discuss my future in wine education.  Currently there is only one diploma level (4) course available in Hong Kong and it is 4x more expensive that that of the ones offered in the UK.  Absurd, no?  There is buzz in the air that perhaps another course could be opening at HKU Space (where I took 3) very shortly.  FIngers crossed.

Back to my meeting.  Ian made it sound not very difficult at all to become a level 2 educator.  I need to apply to WSET and HKU Space and then next time the WSET people are in HK (they're here this week and should return in March) I take a 3 day course and bam, I'm good to go.  So I think I just may look into that.

Diploma level, on the other hand, appears not to be easy at all.  Nope, not one bit.  But I'm excited to start nonetheless.

TODAY after an incredibly frustrating morning (computer issue + Chinese bankers = headache frustrationville) the HOFWs team head over to the Langtham Place Hotel in Mongkok for a Burgundy tasting!  Despite the mobs (of mainlanders), the event was super fun.  We learned some more about the wine making in Burgundy (short maceration periods for red; usually 5-10 days), tasting some spectacular wines, and ran into some wine friends including Ian, Violet, Francis to name a few.

Then Greg and Sean treated Julia and I to their favorite go-to; Chung King Mansions.  It's THE place in town to go for legit Indian food.  And probably stomach bugs too.  4 pm rolls around and tis time to call it a day!!

Paul and I are going on a guided tour of some of Picasso's drawings this evening (if I can roll off this couch and out of this curry hangover) and then have the whole weekend off!!! That's right kids, two whole days with no work!  Woohoo!

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