Monday, July 15, 2013

The Last Post

Yesterday marked my last day with the HOFWs and my last day in Kwun Tong, Kowloon.  As such, the Kowloon blog has come to an end point.  But first, let me bring it up to speed.

After the amazing Domani wine dinner, Wednesday was filled with an interview and an awesome port tasting. Johnny Symington, part of the 13th generation of family owners for brands like Dow's, Grahams, Warre's, Qutina do Bomfim to name a few, was in town and was going to lead a tasting through some of his Dow's ports.  Unfortunately he had to go home for a family emergency, but the tasting went on.

Jorge telling us about Dow's
The Asian brand manager (obviously he's not Asian) led the tasting of some really delicious ports.  We had a white mixed with tonic (Portonic, cleverly), then a Ruby Reserve made specifically to pair with chocolate, brilliant.  Then a 10 and 20 year Tawny (divine), a Quinta vintage port (2010 I think) and finally a 1994 Dow's vintage port.   If you're not into Port, you're not a real person. They are so deliciously warming, sweet, and full of fire.  Get into it.
Then Paul and I met for a lovely sushi date at a sushi place we never noticed in our hood.  And it twas delicious.   Then more interviews Thursday followed by some wineing and dining.  This woman I interviewed the previous week invited me out for a drink at one of her customer's places; Armani Aqua.  I cannot believe I haven't been here before.  Although with $150 cocktails, I guess yes I can.
Egg, tuna and salmon rolls
It's an amazing outdoor bar in the heart of Central, and had I not known which country I was in, I would have sworn I was in New York.  Lounge-y with loud music and beautiful people and fancy cocktails.  I could get used to this.
Courtney at the Phoenix 

Then Paul and I went over to Courtney and Patrick's for some wine and chatting.  I love summer.

Friday I worked allllllll day at a wedding expo and then met Allison and Kass (new Canadian friend who is super sweet) for some natural wines in Soho.  I actually have a lunch meeting with the owners of the natural wine bar tomorrow, La Cabane a Vin.  Amazing natural wines from France (soon to cover more countries), girl talk, and North American friends.  Get better.
Last HOFWs event.  Me, Phil and Sean

Saturday worked alllllll day at the stupid wedding expo, and then Paul and I went out for some lovely cocktails at the Pawn, followed by a going away party for Kelcy.  Another one bites the dust.
Birthday cocktails with Paul at the Pawn
Sunday was my last birthday in my 20s and my last birthday as a McPhate.  And it was an awesome birthday!!  22 of my most favorite Hong Kongers came out to help me celebrate with bottomless Champers, oysters, crab, sushi, Indian, Thai, and much much more.  Jumbo Floating restaurant is a perennial favorite (we've been 4/5 times now) and it was fun to introduce it to several people who hadn't been.  If you come to HK, it's a must.

Will, Sarah and Jackie
Me and Julia
Court, Patrick and Alicia
Sarah and I
Paul knows me.  Chocolate cake covered in chocolate adorned with chocolate (and wine bottle)  Well done, Paul, and well done Ms. B!
Brunch on a giant boat (you ferry to it from Aberdeen), sitting outside, with fantastic service that doesn't allow your drink to get dry.  Perfect.
Js.  Jackie, Justin, Joey and Julia
And to make it even better, I got to go home and chat with my best friend from high school.  So great to catch up with Kati, and to begin a big year of firsts.

So there you have it.

Kowloon, it's been a good run, but this kid is on to bigger and better.  xo

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