Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sun Shine Fun Week

This past weekend the sun actually managed to show its face more than once!  Although a tropical storm did blow through...
New co-worker Florian

Friday night after a great interview Paul and I went to our friend's happy hour.  Mingled a bit and called it an early night as Paul had to work.  I had a super successful Saturday am filled with hiking, gym, and shopping.   In the afternoon we met Peenalope (Justin's) ex girl friend Shannon in Central.  We met last year at Chetta's wedding and she mentioned she's out here every quarter or so.
Shannon and Cider.  PS am I the last to learn about Snapchat!?
She'd been before but never seen Central!!  We all had a tasty Thai lunch, refreshing cider's at the Globe, followed by some frosty brews with Court and Patrick at Beer Bay, which happens to be Paul's most happy place in the world. 
Jackie and Justin

Again called it an early night (like 7pm) so we
could go home and get ready for the 'Merica junk!  This is our third year running and we didn't want to disappoint.  I made amazing Japanese Miso noodles, recipe below, and Paul made and then I made a 7 layer dip.  USA.  If you've never cooked with soba (buckwheat) noodles, you absolutely must.  Not only are they tasty, but after a quick google search found out they're pretty amazing for you too.  Full of Omega-3s and B2s and junk.

Miso Amazeball Noodles:

400 grams soba (1lb)
Carrot slices/peels
Raw cabbage (I used purple and green)
Lightly cooked broccoli

For dressing:
big tablespoon of miso paste
1 raw egg
some cut up raw ginger
squirt of wasabi
1/2 cup olive oil
splash of sesame oil

Blend it all together and you've got a dressing.  You could totally throw any veg in there and have an amazing Japanese meal in less than 15 minutes. 

Me and Shannon
Anyway, the junk was amazing!!  Super sunny weather, amazing people that we've known for 2 years now (crazy!) and probably too much booze.  Oh and a serious lack of utensils.   Patrick made some amazing pulled pork, and Kelcy made some amazing pies, but other than that no one really brought any food.  There were 30 of us. 

But it was so much fun chatting and swimming, and chatting and swimming, that it always seems to fly by!

America! (my shady hallway)
Monday (SAR Establishment day!) we got up and head to Cheung Chau with Will and Sarah.  We've been trying to go for weeks, but the rain had kept us away.  We arrive at noon and it's gorgeous and sunny.

Derek and Laura and Sam and Zara arrive at 1:30 and it's starting to look a little shaky.  Then totally black.  Then we run for cover as we're pretty sure the zombie apocalypse is upon us.  Nope just some violent tropical storm rain which served as a lovely soundtrack to our South African lunch at the Stoep. 

Twas a lovely long weekend! This week has been equally as lovely so far.  I took off at 3 yesterday for 2 interviews, I have one and wine tasting tonight, leaving at noon tomorrow for a tasting with my new friend Simone, followed by 3 interviews and a glass of wine with a friend (which hopefully leads to more interviews), followed by Friday and a wine tasting with said friend above.  Woot.

Finding jobs is so fun and I have recently decided that once I leave HOFWs on the 19th, I'm not going to start my new (hypothetical) job until August 12th, which gives me a lovely 3 week break to play. 

I <3 Summer!


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