Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One More Sleep

Til vacation!  Well not vacation so much as not working.  This week has been filled with friends and holiday catch up.  Monday we joined Kina for a wine tasting at Linguini Fini.  Ah that place is amazing!!  The food is always awesome, Wahid is the man, and the wines were all spectacular.  Check HOFWs blog for a more in depth look.

Tuesday work was nuts and then I ran out to the Hive in Wan Chai to go to my new friend, Allison's first General Assembly class.  General Assembly is a start up from NYC (where she was working after leaving Goldman!) that in short teaches entrepreneurship classes.  These classes are for both aspiring entrepreneurs and established executives to learn how to think like an entrepreneur.  Totally awesome!

So Allison pitched GA to open up their Hong Kong branch and now she' doing it!  The class I attended was packed and sooooo interesting.  We watched a video from Alexis Ohanian who started and and one other, and now has his hands in over 50 startups.  And he's in his early 30s.  Wow.  His video seminar was so inspiring.  It was the first video Allison saw at GA and was what inspired her to join the GA team.  My other new friend Julia was there with her boyfriend....wait, finance!  So good to see them and congratulate them on a Taiwan proposal!

Wednesday Paul and I met Kina, Will and Sarah, Allison and her boyfriend Michael, for a Christmas dinner at the Globe.  The Globe, other than being my favorite bar, also has wonderful English food. (Oxymoron?)  All the men folk enjoyed meat pies (Paul had kidney- delish!) and we all enjoyed the beer selection.  yey American craft beers. 

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....

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