Saturday, December 1, 2012


Good news from America; Chetta and Ryan are coming!!! And, Chetta, Ryan, Maria, and Dave are coming!!!!! Kind of.

Chetta and Ryan are coming to HK mid March for several days, then we'll all head to Thailand for several days!

THEN, Chetta told me that our friend Kristina is planning to get married in Veneto early Sept., so she Ryan, Maria and Dave will all be going over.  Guess who else is going to Italy this summer!  Me!  Yey, reunion in Italy!  And since it will be the end of August we'll all meet, Paul will have off work as well! Amazing.

In HK news, Paul and I had a quiet Friday night.  Went out for some mulled wine at the bar downstairs, then head home to catch up on Homeland and Boardwalk Empire.  Wooh shit is hitting the fan in both!

This morning I went to my new gym for the first time.  Nice equipment and everything, but NO towels and NO water cooler.  You can pay $20 for a bath towel.  And you can stick your head in the fountain.  But come on?  What kind of gym is this?  Finger's crossed the new one near my work will be a little more amenable!

Came home cooked up a delish egg n kimchi breakfast and head out to work.  Julia and I manned the Island School Christmas Frost Fair, or whatever is was called.  It was pretty boring but at least there was a waffle station, complete with fresh fruit, ice cream and chocolate AND more mulled wine.  Fantastic.  Finished up and I head home for some sushi, wine and Project Runway, while Paul and all of our friends are musicing it up at CLockenflap; a 2 day music festival at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.  He says its fun....

Work again tomorrow and then no more Sundayssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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