Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's been another crazy whirlwind week with no pauses!  Sunday I worked at the HK Country Club with Sean.  Although beautiful, it was boring and I just wished that I was at home doing anything other than selling foie gras. 

Tuesday we had an event at the Peninsula hotel.  There was a luncheon for 120 women, and in the reception a little market.  We of course had a booth, but there was also jewelry and some other interesting stuff too.  We also provided welcome drinks.  In exchange one person got to go to the!  At first this was exciting, but then after sitting down with a bunch of women who didn't want to talk to me, I began to have my doubts.  And then there was belly dancing during the first course.  And then a full on fashion show.  And of course intermittent lucky draws.  And then each vendor had to raffle off a gift.  My god this 'lunch' went on for 4 loooooong hours.  Ohhh and the women!  I'll include some pictures so you can see what I mean....

Anyway, Julia and I FINALLY got out of there (after she had to sit in the lobby and NOT get lunch, poor Julia) and ran over to Admiralty for the Great Wines of Italy tasting.  After the afternoon we had, we jumped right in and drank as much of the fantastic vinos as possible.  Ohhhh there were Barolos, Barberas, Brunellos, Super Tuscans, Chiantis, and of course the whites as well!  Despite the fact I had a big lunch, not having dinner proved to be more influential over my well being.  We walked out of there quite tipsy at 830, and I went home and directly to bed!

Yesterday, despite milld hangover, Paul and I had committed to a wine tasting in Central.  The theme was Warming Winter reds, all of which were quite lovely.  I like the Bordeaux blend from Man O'War from Waiheke, New Zealand, and Paul prefered a smoky Merlot from Meerlust Estate in South Africa.  Was a nice tasting complete with mulled wine and mincemeat pies at the end!  The English know their pies!

Tonight is our second wine dinner; the first at a private kitchen.  This is actually my first private kitchen experience which is hard to believe considering I've been in HK 1.5 years now!  Private kitchens are everywhere!! I will be announcing our Prosecco with the apps, Rose with the oysters (ohhh yes), and Moscato with French pastries for dessert.  Report to come!

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