Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Friday!!

It's been downpouring for the past week, especially today.  The skies went black at 10am and have remained so ever since.  Bah.

But it's Friday and I have zero plans and love it.  And no plans tomorrow.  LOVE IT.  And then work on Sunday, not so much love, but at least its the Island East Market which is my fav.

So the other day a friend of mine introduced his friend to the HOFWs.  Nick, the friend, works just down the street and was looking for some local wine supplier.  He's sick of paying retail; and who can blame him.  Wines in HK are expensive!

Anyway, he orders some wines and then invites us to come over to his office anytime.  He makes books in China and exports them all over the world.  So today Greg, Julia, and I walk over with 14 bottles of wine and have a field day in his office.  I got some storage boxes, note books, blank cards, a flask, cards and dice, and some books for tutoring.  And we could have gotten tons more, but you know, don't want to look greedy. 

And now I'm off to party in the blackness...Korean or Japanese dinner with Paul!

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