Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rain Rain Rain

Here it is 5 days since my last post and it's still grey and miserable.  Meh.  I suppose it's good for studying.  First wine test on Saturday!!
Banchans, dak galbi and haemul soondoobu
So our quiet night of nothing on Friday turned into an excellent night of Korean.  Paul stumbled upon this Korean restaurant just steps from our apartment (but around a corner we never go down), so we decided to check it out.  It was fantastic and had one of our favorites, dak galbi (chicken stirfry), which you never see in restaurants.  It wasn't 100% spot on Korea, but it had good banchans (side dishes), which is always my gage.
Sprouts, celery, potato, kimchi, pumpkin and greens!

Saturday I studied, Paul graded, and then I found my new favorite place; Stone's Tavern in Tai Hang. Tai Hang is this super cute neighborhood full of restaurants, coffee shops, and that's about it.  Stone's came recommended to me by my beer guy Jon, so I followed through and went in for a pint.  Great little restaurant with a fantastic beer selection.  And the owner Joel is great.  He's super chatty and passionate about his restaurant and love of Hong Kong and Tai Hang.
Japanese made, Belgian brewed rose-flavored beer at Stone's

Then Paul and I went to meet Michael for dinner at Linguini Fini's newest institution Stone Nullah Tavern.  It's advertised as an American tapas cum speakeasy.  The cocktail list looked impressive, the wine was nice, the atmosphere was beautiful and could have been in DC or NYC, my man Wahid was there!, but the food...  Ugh.  Over priced.  Small.  And just ok.  I suppose we expected too much.  Linguini Fini/Posto Pubblico kick it's ass. 

This place has been boasting about it's gourmet tater tots with homemade sriacha ketchup all over the media, but there was no potato in our tots. Just fried bits through and through!

Then we got the calamari salad which was nice and citrusy, but was a tough share due to its teeny portion.

The brussel sprouts were amazing, but same problem, teeny tiny.

The foie gras burger came recommended and was even cut into cute little quarters for the 3 of us to share.  Bland.  There was nothing special about it.  Couldn't taste the foie.  And the bread was too big.  Miss.

I will say the highlight for me was def the mac and cheese.  I'm a mac and cheese sucker, and the raw egg yolk mixed onto the steaming hot shells was spot on.  But itsy bitsy and gone in seconds.

Then Wahid hooked up a special surprise which I had been reading about in the local mags; Fat Kid cake.  Base of red velvet cake with a layer of tiramisu, a layer of cheesecake and a layer of creme brulee.  Delish.

We weren't famished walking in, and we certainly weren't full walking out.  It was alright...pretty good, but at the price and expectation level, it fell a little short.  Fun to catch up with Michael though!

Then Paul and I worked the Island East Market on Sunday.  It surprisingly didn't rain, we hit our all time (events without big bosses) high revenue, and were situated right nect to my favorite vendor; the girl with the chocolate chip cookie cheesecake.
IEM from our balcony

And then rain and gloom and studying until Saturday!!

Stopped into my favorite wine shop to chat with Kevin last night and he poured me this...100% Pinot Meunier from Germany!  Never had a red Pinot Meunier (usually a blending grape in Champagne)!!

Coming soon....

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