Monday, May 27, 2013


A very important thing to remember when living abroad is to check your visa status.  Perhaps because I was so back and forth (literally to Macau) when unemployed, it did not occur to me that my work visa was up for expiry.  Yup, realized it 7 days past.

Here's how it works in HK.  You're getting close to expiry and you go onto this very easy website, enter your info, and request to make an appointment at your convenience. 

You go over expiry and you are not allowed to make an appointment, you have to go in person.  So I did just that this AM.  Line up at 7am hoping to in early when they open.  Only did I realize at 8:30 when the man came out with a megaphone yelling in Chinese, that there are only a certain amount of people allowed in a day.  I did not make this quota and was told by my new friend 'people get here the night before.'  For real?

Not to believe this, I head down to Wan Chai, the central immigration office where I was told basically the same thing.  She suggested I show up before 6am tomorrow to get a spot.  Awesome, thanks.

Lessons.  It's all about the lessons.

Anyway, cancelled my pho dinner plans and plan on sleeping at 8pm. 

But last night Paul and I had the best little date night.  We've been all about Spain recently and so have been stocking up on our Spanish tapas.  I made some guac (I know it's not Spanish), we opened up some spicy canned sardines, canned clams, and I brought home from work goose terrine and our newest awesome product; cod/prawn stuffed peppers from Spain.  Amazing.  We washed it all down with some Tio Pepe Sherry, and wrapped it up with Bottle Shock.  Have you seen this movie?  Totally cheesy, but perfect for a Monday night with Sherry :)  And I talked to my mom.  Best. Night. Ever.

2 days til China!

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