Monday, May 27, 2013

Seriously, enough with the rain!

After the last post, I kid you not the day after the last post it rained so hard that HK declared a 'black rain emergency' and we (as a country) were advised to stay indoors.  School was cancelled for the day.  Work was delayed until after 10pm when the Black Rain advisory was lifted.  This kid played tough and braved the waterfall rain and was in the office by 8:30.  Someone's got to hold it down. 

Patrick and I at the Pier Bar

The rain finally subsided late afternoon and everyone else strolled into work.  We've had a T10 and Black Rain in the past year, what's next?

Thursday evening I had another successful (one terrine sold-ha) tasting at the Pier Bar.  We had a nice little crowd, some tasty Cali wines, and of course foie gras and truffles! 

Cheese and foie gras bacon toasts
Friday was fantastic.  I left early for a 3pm Amarone tasting with Amorosso Fine Wines at Stone Nullah Tavern.  My biggest gripe with SNT is the price.  It's way expensive for what it is (read small portions) but when you're at a free event, it's totally amazing.  A beautiful cheese plate, duck liver and home cured bacon toasts, and grilled veg followed by a vertical tasting of Amarone.  2007->2006->2004->1999->1998->1996. I preferred the 1998 and 2004; the sweetest and most concentrated of the bunch.

Through the vintages
After the tasting I met Paul, Laura and Derek for a quick drink at the Globe, where I tried watermelon beer.  Fantastic for summer and really tasting like watermelon and beer.  One was enough.  Post Globe Paul and I head over to Catharine's for her going away party.  Boo!  Catharine always throws amazing rooftop parties, and this was no exception.  Great people, great view, great goodbye.  See you at Christmas, Catharine!  And we stayed out til 2am!

Saturday we had a proper lay in as Sarah would say. 11:30!  Then due to the rain (of course it's raining on Saturday), beach birthday plans diverted to bowling birthday plans.  I was not looking forward to this as my last little bowling round got a bit tedious and I don't believe I ever even broke 60, but things fared differently this go round.  We had a big group, cupcakes, beer tours, Champagne, and I even managed a few strikes here and there.  66, and get this, 94 my second round!!  Paul had a 100 and 98 for the record.

Happy Birthday Matt and Hailey!
Beer, cake, Champers and boys

Then we did what everyone should go on their birthday.  We rolled over to Linguini Fini for a feast.  Bottomless wine, seemingly bottomless food, things got silly around cake time when the birthday boy decided to start throwing things.  In proper LF fashion, all was all right.  No complaints about us.  Just great food, wines, and service.  Meat plate followed by homemade sausage, then caprese salad (to die for!), eggplant parm, super moist chicken, gooey banana chocolate cake and cookies.  Well done!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

No birthday is complete without a night out to LKF.  So we went.  Jello shots.  Tallboys from 711.  The typical LKF experience.

Welcome to LKF
Sunday, fun productive, tasty delicious day.  After a lovely Korean lunch, we hit the local Starbuck's for a couple of hours with Sherry (me) and grading (not me).  Then off to cook up some cauliflower to bring to an amazing dinner party at Kina's.  They never disappoint, and this was no exception.  It felt like Thanksgiving.  There must have been 15 or so of us including new friends, old friends, and home friends.   And always (always!) a fantastic spread. 

Hailey and figgy toasts!
Duck confit with mash. Fried chicken.  Fennel citus salad.  Quinoa/lentil salad.  Roasted cauliflower (a feat with no oven-ahem).  Brussel sprouts.  Corn salad.    Oh and I can't forget the amazing hors d'oeuvres; fig, ricotta and honey bruschetta, and feta mushroom toasts.  Delish.  All of this followed by homemade cake and massive cookies.
The spread
The desserts
And am totally exhausted in the best possible way today!

Korbin Kameron 2004- amazing!
Oh and did I mention?  I'm off to CHINA!  My first ever client, Andy, asked Sean and I to join him for a wine expo in Guangzhou Thursday through Saturday.  We'll be pouring his wines and chatting amongst his customers to solidify our base in China.  Super pumped to go to China with people who actually know China!  Woot.

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