Sunday, May 5, 2013

Po Toi

A visual recap of my weekend

New books from Ian, my WSET 3 educator/wine mentor!
Canary Island Wine at Gary's
Gary's 'warehouse warming' in Kwun Tong.  LOVE the new Caliu!

Wedding Wines! xo
What I LOVE (study/live/breathe) right now. Sherry REVOLUTION!

Warhol.  Fancy American beers.  New friends.  Stone's, Tai Hang.
Bird watchers.  I just don't get it.

Quick post lunch hike, Po Toi.

Po Toi.  30 minute ferry south of Stanley
Stanley Plaza
Matt, Hailey, Kenny's Mom and Dad
Po Toi.
Po Toi
Mr. Baccow, Mr and Mrs Baccow

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  1. try as i may, i have not yet won the fight against black socks...