Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It Stopped

The rain finally subsided yesterday.  I'm not convinced it won't start again soon....

So much to catch up on.  Here's the not cool things:

I ran last week in my super old sneakers (like 2 years with no soles), was trying on super high heels with wedding dresses, and took one ill fated step at the MTR on one of the blind people bumps on the sidewalk and bruised my Metatarsals bone.  Poor foot.  Read more here:


Then Friday I had to say goodbye to Julia, my colleague and friend for the past year :(  She came as an intern only for 6 months and ended up staying one full year.  But now she's off home to attend to some family matters and figure out what it is she wants to do next.  She thinks South America, but I suspect she'll be back here....I do have a wonderful new colleague from the same Masters program Julia did.  Florian is 24 (babies, the lot of em!) energetic, full of passion and enthusiasm, and I think will make a great addition to the HOFWs team.  Picture coming soon...

So I hobbled around for a couple days and then picked up this lovely sinus infection, to which I will say I had the most pleasant and efficient doctor's visit I have ever had. 
Stupid health expo
Worked all rainy Sunday at a stupid health expo only to wake up with tense and sore shoulders, neck and back.  I feel like I'm 1,000 years old this week!

After chatting with various people I have decided to slow down, relax, and just take it easy for a while, and I must say that today I am feeling much much better.  Although this could also be due to the fact that the sun in finally shining!!!  How do people in Seattle do it?
JUNK.  Sarah, new friend Cass, Me

Onto more fun news.  I've been trying on more and more dresses, and I still keep coming back to the Monique.  I'm hitting an Oscar de La Renta bridal trunk show Saturday morning, and if there's nothing there I'm making a decision.  It's either Monique or get one made.  But I must say I have the sweetest girlfriends here who have been helping me out so much!! Big thanks to Jackie, Laura and Sarah, who come to watch me as I dismiss dress after dress without even a drop of bubbles.  Hong Kong really doesn't know how to do bridal!
Ok la

Last Wednesday we had a public holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival.  It of course rained, and we obviously didn't dragon boat (never again), so we head over to Brad's house with Kenny for a rooftop semi-dry BBQ.  Kenny grilled up some amazing rack of lamb and burgers and then we moseyed over to Central to meet up with Sarah and Will for a pint of cider. 
Pup eyeing Kenny's rack of lamb

So I hear from my favorite bar owner, Toby of the Globe, that cider is all the rage now. He says even in the US everyone's all about the boozy apple punch.  I'm totally into it.  I love me a nice dry cider.   Thoughts?

Happy Birthday, Allison!
Last Saturday we had an awesome birthday junk for Allison's 26th!  We knew a few people (Will and Sarah) and met a bunch of cool new people.  It obviously rained the whole time, so I didn't make it into the water, but it was super nice being out of the city for a day. 

We followed up with a fantastic dinner on Monday.  We met Allison and Michael at Mayta, the newest restaurant from Dining Concepts. It's a Peruvian restaurant which was totally new to me.   Although I don't think the quality of the ingredients was the highest (for the price) the food was still all good.  The service spotty, but food good.  We haven't been out on a proper couple nice dinner date in a while, and we decided we need to go it more often!
ha just for fun
Last night after dress shopping with Sarah, I met Paul and we picked up some new books from a craigslist ad and then cabbed it home.  As we're walking from the cab I realize that my phone had fallen out of my pocket.  Cab gone.  Ahhhhh!  I should mention that the cab was getting a ticket while we walked away for an illegal stop, so we totally booked it feeling at least partially responsible. 

We definitely thought there was no way he would return it, but lo and behold one hour later I had that phone back in my hand.  God bless you nice taxi man!!!  It was just the icing on an already sick/sore/sick of how f8(##(08 crowded Kwun Tong is day.

my nice taxi <3
I've been on leave of all physical activities and decided my body needs some alignment so I hit up a yoga class at a studio that's 2 minutes walking from my door.  I have been toying with the idea of yoga classes for a while, I just can't bring myself to get a membership.  I hate feeling obligated.  Physical, my current gym, would ague that I do not in fact feel obligated- I think I've been once in 2 months.  Worst. Gym. Ever.

Anyway, this was my first hot yoga class and it was surprisingly difficult and hot!  I was sweating like a pig, and so was everyone else!  But it felt so good and my neck has zero pain since. The facilities are amazing as well.   Something to think about....

NOTHING on schedule tonight.  My friend Jon at Cru magazine traded me a wine documentary DVD (Cannubi di Barolo if you're interested) for a truffle oil while I was in a wedding dress (true story), so I think I may cozy up on the couch with a glass of Barolo and watch it as Paul grades.  Grades due Monday!!!

Oh did I mention we're going to Seoul???  August 2-6th! Pajeon.  Galbi. Soondoobu.  Magkeolli.  Daegutong.  Al Tong.  Ms. Han!!

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