Monday, June 10, 2013

Post China Recap

Since China I've been soaking in all HK has to offer.  But when isn't that true.

House warming at Matt's.  Katie, Sarah, Nina, Paul, Kenny and Will
I had my wine test a week ago which I'm hoping went alright.  One portion was blind tasting 3 fortifieds.  There are 25 points; some for appearance, nose, palate, grape (only 2pts), and quality assessment.  Of the 3 I got 2 grapes right.  Who's ever had a Sercial Madeira before!??  Not this kid.
7 hours and 15 wines between Jean and I.  Well done!
Anyway, rest of the week was filled with free Foodie happy hours at Sal Curiousio, followed by Flying Winemaker tasting, Pier Bar tastings, Tastings Wine Bar date night.
Bon voyage duck!  It's off to Pittsburgh!

Saturday we head up to Sai Kung to drop off some books with Ian, then back to TST for an 'Old World Gems' tasting, which was just lovely.  Later on that very same day, we met back up with Csilla and Ian.  Csilla is my Hungarian friend who is just a doll.  She had her own Hungarian wine company and is pretty much the sweetest lady there is.  Her husband Ian is from New York and is equally as awesome.  We've gone out to dinner with them before, and then met up with some of their friends for a Shanghainese meal on Saturday.
Woman drying egg yolks in Sai Kung
Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to it after being inundated with Chinese food the weekend before, but hey.  Turns out Shanghainese is totally better (read less greasy) than Guangzhou food.  We had veg and pork dumplings, tofu green stuff that was amazing, tofu and cashews which was my favorite of the night, stinky tofu which no one really got into except Ian and it actually almost ruined Paul's meal who thought it smelled like 'poop'.  His words.  There was also some sliced pork, which I didn't try but everyone else was super into, and a pork rice noodle thing that was good. The noodles at least.  And it was all super cheap to boot.

Sunday I went dress shopping!!!!  After a super long much needed run.  I always quit my morning workouts before tests in favor of Starbuck's cramming, and it felt sooooo good to get out there again, despite the 8000 percent humidity. 
Looooove this.  Too bad it's blue

Then I met Jackie for some shoppppppping!  The place we initially planned to go turned out to be closed (when does that happen in HK?) so we hit Harvey Nichols instead.  HV is the ultra luxury store, and it was kind of more for shits and giggles than seriously trying to find a dress, until I found a dress!  A Monique Lhullier dress called my name from the rack.  I knew I would love it before trying it on, so I tried it last of 3, and it was totally it.  Just my size, white, fitted, elegant, simple, and would look awesome with a headband, which I am totally into right now.  I'm talking across the forehead headband, not kindergarten girl headband fyi.
Squeezing into Oscar de La Renta. 

Absolutely love this dress.  For the Oscars, not a wedding. 

Then I had found this random wedding place in some magazine so we made a quick appointment and went in.  Woah Chinese wedding shop.  This place was a factory.  You walk in and are 'greeted' and ushered to a chair.  "Which is bride."  me! 'Congrats- now pick what you like from this iPad and I pull for you.'  Ok and we were left to ourselves.

snuck photo.  It was worse than it looks
Woah Chinese wedding gowns.  They were full, sparkley, pink, blue, and all sorts of crazy in between.  It was pretty clear early on that there was nothing here for me, so we picked some of the most ridiculous ones they had.  She came back and pulled them and informed us that these were only for rent.  ~$1,000usd to rent a gown (a ridiculous gown) and tux for 3 days.  What?  Why not just buy  a dres??  Anyway, we weren't allowed to take pictures, because obviously you'd steal their couture designs and run to Shenzen (really, you'd be silly not to), so Jackie snuck a few.  Ferry godmother blue?  Check.  Fake feathers, feather dress?  Double check.  We wanted to try on more but were sternly told that it would cost $500 ($65usd)  per 2 dresses.  Um no thank you.

Not real feathers. I kid not.
Next we hit another high end department store Joyce.  Ohh the dresses!  And the service!  I tried on Oscar de La Renta (beautiful green dress!), Giamberto Valle (Ohhh my favorite red dress ever- $58,000hkd!) and some others, but nothing was really talking to me.

Then went outside and it was pouring.  Again.  We called it a day feeling pretty successful and celebrated with a lovely Jaspas lunch.  I'm going back to Harvey tomorrow after work to try it on one last time and make a decision.  I love it and it's on sale.  What more can you ask?

Today I had lunch with the China crew.  Sean and I met Andy and Anita and her son for a catch up lunch at Oolaa.  I've been dying to go to Oolaa (it's THE Sunday brunch place), and I can see why.  You walk in and your in hipster New York.  Seirously, all white dudes with big rimmed glasses, graphic tees, and women with funky lipstick and hair.  Awesome.  My fish was good, but the salad bar, ooooh the salad bar.  Anyway, we got our salads, and then everyone sat down and got on their phones.  No talking, just eat, text, email, eat.  I don't think I'll get used to this....

Tonight we're having Kina over for BBQ sans BBQ.  We're cooking up Paul's own specially marinated burgers, watermelon feta salad, potato salad, with chocolate chip cookies and Madeira for dessert.   Tuesday is the new Friday because Wednesday is a public holiday for dragon boating.  Who knows?  But it means I can go to the beach and not work so I'm all for it. 
The spiders are back!

Happy Monday!

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