Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apparently I am Moving On

I have been trying to write this post for a week now, but somehow I keep getting sidetracked.  So here it goes...

Do you have the same routine every morning?  I pretty much do.  Wake up with Paul at 6:30.  Actually, let me rephrase.  Paul's alarm goes off at 6:30, Lauren drags Paul out of bed by 6:40.  Semantics.  I used to go running, but with this ungodly heat and foot/shoulder pain I have kept my exercise to a minimum; doing sit ups and pushups with Anderson Cooper.  Then off around 8am, 30 minutes earlier than necessary because I CANNOT STAND the MTR at 8:30. 

Anywho, get my paper from the same smiley dude with a big 'Josan!', head town and push through the crowds to the MTR.  Try to ignore the masses, make my way out in Kwun Tong where I try not to get in a fist fight with the swarms of idiots trying to smoosh my lunch bag. Down to escalator, give my paper to this cute old lady with a smile and a 'Josan' and then make my way through the APM mall to the street. I'm not joking when I tell you that people queue up for the escalator.  There are stairs next to the escalator.  It's one flight and it's down.  Come on people! 

Anywho, get my $8 water from my newsstand guy who knows I like the warm one out of the box, not the cold one from the fridge (makes my hands cold!) and mosey on through the sport court to my warehouse building.

You know what I'm going to miss about this?  Not a g*#)d)(^& thing.  F-off, Kwun Tong!!

So I guess I should have prefaced all of this with I accidentally quit my job.  I had my 'annual' (one an half years in?) review and as I sat down Greg says, 'We're going to change it up this time, you speak first.' 

So I spoke, 'I think I'm ready to start looking around.'

Blank face.  'Well I think if that's the case, we shouldn't drag it out.  How bout 30 days?'

Wha!?  But in the end it's all positive.  There are no hard feelings and Greg and Sean are understanding and supportive.  This week I met with two companies, one of which has a job ready for me now in Shanghai (with apartment!), but Paul just put his deposit in for school, so we're locked to HK for at least the next 2 years.  Not ready to leave anyway, especially if I never have to come back to Kwun Tong again. 

The other woman is leaving her company for Pernod Ricard (dream job!) and is really pushing for me to be her replacement.  My fingers are crossed because it would be a wonderful opportunity.  I have an interview tonight with a big company, and then 2 Tuesday and one next Thursday.  Also have some other promising leads, so it's looking like I won't starve.  Hopefully.

Last night was my last wine tasting with the HOFWs.  Good times, but definitely makes me realize it's time to move to greener pastures.  Better wine lists.  Wine mentors.  Bigger clients.  Let's hope.

In other fantastic news, I bought my dress!!!!  It went on 50% off, and after trying a myriad of wedding dresses, I decided that a Monique Lhullier evening gown is the one for me!!  I love the simplicity because it means I can get a sick headband.  An across the forehead headband.  Please keep your eyes out!

3 day weekend here!  Saturday some wedding errands and a hike with Peen's ex-gf who's in town for business, followed by a Sunday America junk, followed by Monday beach BBQ.  I shouldn't even mention this but, the sun is shining and forecasted to shine til Sunday!!!!  Bring it!

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