Monday, September 17, 2012

Crab Soup

Ah I am so far behind on posts and am off to work in a minute, but just thought I would share what I am enjoying right now.  Homemade crab bisque!

I met this guy at Restaurant & Bar last week who was flying back to Oregon and had some leftover frozen crabs, so I gladly took them off him!  Paul and I had a crab feast on Sunday (after an awesome day at Big Wave Bay! Autumn is here!) and used the leftover stock to make bisque.

Paul Loves Crab Soup
Crab Stock:

Boiled crabs, onion, garlic, salt & pepper for 20 minutes

Removed crabs and proceed to eat for the next 2 hours

To the stock we added a can of diced tomatoes

tomato paste


onion salt

garlic salt

lump crab meat

the end.

Heavenly buttery soup....
I've been taking the ferry to work.  Soooo much more pleasant than the MTR


  1. Too funny! I was making that crab and corn bisque last night and I thought about that time at our apartment in Ballston where I made it for me and you and Liz was supposed to come over but she ditched us for that jerk she was dating! hah Do you remember that? :)

  2. i remember her dating someone we didn't like, but I can't even picture or remember anything about him now. I'm sure you and I enjoyed the soup though! Did Alex come over to help?? I do remember your tilapia and tomato and feta. Can you send me some!!?