Monday, September 10, 2012

Rest and Bar

Today is the first day of the 3 day Restaurant & Bar expo, which means the first day of craziness!  8+hours a day standing asking, 'Would you like to try some foie gras?'   Should be good fun though, full report coming later this week.

Random not so good Korean soondubu.  Why can't Chinese make good Korean food??
Saturday Paul and I went to a nice Burgundy wine tasting and ran into my friend Karen from class.  The wines were not my favorites, but nails in what I've been learning about Burgundy.  After class we went to the third installment of the Ernest So concert.  Despite that we were there working, we still had a blast.  The music was nice, kept to less than 45 minutes, and the people were all really great.  We went out for a post concert drink but had to head in early for....

Recital in Red Square Gallery

Sunday was JUNK DAY!!  Junks are really the best thing about Hong Kong.  All day on a boat!  Secluded beaches.  Surprise buffets.  Jumping of boats.  Swimming.  Afternoon Prosecco.  Lovely.

Perfect Sunday
This junk was through our friend Will's co-worker and some of his friends.  Turns out most of the people (including 3 babies!) were from Lamma Island.  I don't know if I've mentioned Lamma, but it's a certain kind of person that lives there.  A hippie kind of person.  So these people were awesome, so laid back, and there were even a few vegans which meant more for us!  :)

Nina and Kenny were also there, so it was great to spend another Sunday together.  I think this is becoming a trend!  What will we do next Sunday!??

Good times.  
Smoothie of the week; carrot, ginger, soy, and banana.  Asa.

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