Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day. Not in HK.

What's been going on this week?  Well, Paul and I had 2 bread fails.  Apparently there are some things that even the Le Creuset can't do.  Noted.  I chopped my hair.  And I love it.  Ali Larter was my inspiration, and the hair guy (always a guy in Asia strangely) totally got that.  Thanks Yunghi!

Paul and I hosted the best wine club ever Thursday night!!  We held an Australia (with a minor in NZ, France, and Italy) wine club in which there were friends, cheese, Paul's homemade pizza bianco, and of course copious amounts of wine!  13 bottles per 12 people ain't nothing to sneeze at!

I think we all agreed the Penfolds Riesling was lovely, and indeed one of my favorites of the night.  The Pinot Noir was a bit light and jammy per most guests tastes, but the Cabernet, Cab blends, and the GSMs were all lovely!  There's a reason Australian wines have blown up in the past few decades.  Easy to open.  Easy to drink.  Easy to understand.  But still some sophistication and complexity.  Well done Australia.

Alicia kindly brought a couple wines from Platinum, and both were smashing.  Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, who arguably makes the best (or second to the Loire) Sauv Blancs in the world.  For a country that only produces 1% of the world's wine (and amazingly is the 10th largest exporter in terms of volume in the world) it was pretty exciting to try.  She also brought a lovely Rhone, which I tend to favor over the fuller bodies Aussies.

Patrick n Paul

Basically wine club was a smashing success, and will definitely continue on!  Thanks to


for coming!!!  Who's free next month?

Courtney, Jackie, Julia, Alicia, and Me
Friday after the party I had an uber productive time in the office, until I had to go down to Wan Chai to choose a booth for our Wine and Spirits Expo in November.  My choices included shitty back booth #1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.  I went with 3.  Why do they even have us come choose???  Anyway, finished that and met up with my buddy Patrick for a Champagne wine tasting.  HOFWs blog post coming on this...

Followed by wine class.  I can't say enough how much I love wine class.  It's so much fun, and I am finally getting my tasting down.  We blind tasted five reds, and I got 4 of them right.  Wooh.

Saturday study in the AM at my new favorite coffee haunt Espresso Alchemy.  They definitely have THE best coffee I have tasted in Hong Kong.  I met the owners Peter and Jackie a week ago, and have been reading about them in the papers, and it seems they know coffee.  Proof is in the...mug.

Then twas time for my chopcut, quick dinner with P at the most annoying place in the whole world, Hysan.  I'm telling you approximately 1 billion people squeeze into this new 12 floor mega mall in Causeway Bay.  We grabbed a bite on the 11/f, then express escalator down to the 1st where we had to wait in a ridiculously long line to get on the ONLY escalator down to the ground.  Seriously, what do we all do when there's a fire!?  That's right, DIE.

We met Courtney and Patrick for a WONDERFUL evening of HK ballet.  Cinderella was really well done, and it was really funny to hear people hoot and holler at every applause break.  This was Paul's first ballet and he's totally hooked, so he's promised to take me again!  We finished the night in TST with some Irish beers and called it an early one for....

Men folk grubbing
Sunday Funday at Kina's!!  We had an Americans (and English and Australian) brunch in commemoration of Labor Day.  Nina put together a beautiful spread complete with nicoise salad, guac and salsa, mac and cheese (ahhhh the best with goat!!!),  and delicious veg/ham fritatta.  Kenny finished the meal up with an amazing apple pie complete with apple logo on top!  Well done my friends!!  As always, it's great to see Kina and great to meet new friends and old.   Helen and Dave brought the little baby!!!  Daria is the sweetest smallest thing I have ever seen.  Intense black hair and big wide eyes, I can't get enough of her!  Thanks Nina and Kenny for a fantastic afternoon!!

Nina in the kitchen

Tomorrow is Paul's first day, so it's Real Housewives and bed for these crazy kids.  Nighty Night!

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