Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wine Class Night!

Woohoo. I love Fridays!  Today is particularly busy though!  The big bosses are out of town on potentially great business in Japan.  As such Julia and i have been left to fend for ourselves.  And of course, so as to keep things interesting, we've had events all week!
Rain finally passed; my morning hike

Tuesday Julia and I did an impromptu tasting for our friend Angel.  He is new to wine and lives in Spain, so he wanted me to try some of his wines and make food pairing recommendations for the upcoming China Wine Awards.  No problem!  We had such a blast, were very methodical and studious in our efforts, and then Paul came at the end to help us with the clean up (ie finish the bottles).  

Far left was the best one!

Wednesday we trudged a trolley and ourselves over to Discovery Bay for a 'back to school' night.  The school was AMAZING!! It was state of the art and, you could just tell, expensive!!  The event was a total bust, and then we had to get the trolley to Greg's friend's house (there are no taxis in DB, you have to wait for like the only van they have up there), drop our stuff off, make our way to the ferry, wait, and then MTR home from Central.  It was definitley an 11 oclock night.  Psh.

Carting stuff around.  Awesome in the 35 degree heat
Last night we joined Red Square Gallery (read about it here) for a piano recital.  The event was super nice.  Great art.  Great music.  Great people.  Not so much on the great sales.  And again, another 11pm night.   Tonight I have wine class so Lionel and Julia are holding down the concert, but I'll be back at it again tomorrow night.  That's Saturday night kids.  Boo.

Next week is Restaurant and Bar expo.  Tues-Wed we'll be in Wan Chai handing out samples, explaining our various wines, and basically exhausting ourselves.  There should be fun tasting areas though!!

But today is crazy run around day.  First go to North Point (East Island) to pick up badges for Rest & Bar, then MTR to Wan Chai (middle island) to pick our booth for Wine and Dine, then MTR to Central to look at a venue for an upcoming tasting, then meet Paul's co-worker for an Italian white wine tasting, then deliver some food, then hit class by 7.  Wooh.  I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Tomorrow I can sleep in!!!!  And Paul can too for he finished his first week of work.  I'll have him write about you'll probably see that in a week or two. Adios!

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