Thursday, November 8, 2012

No Sleep Til


Hi, blog.  Remember me?  It's me, Lauren.

So November is the most critical month of the year in the wine industry.  And for me working for a company that never turns down an event, this means no days off work for 3 straight weeks.  I suspect I may have Sunday the 18th off, but this has yet to be confirmed.

I should mention that this is not complaining.  One of my customers sent me an email saying, 'Remember with all of this work hard, you need to play hard.'  And indeed we do. Post Wine and Dine (which ended midnight Sunday) Julia and I stayed around and played with the French gourmet shop owners.  We ate baguettes and drank rose d'Anjou until we were about to crash.

Monday/Tuesday office, Wednesday I was at the American Club for a Christmas bazaar.  There was a surprising lack of election coverage, and no one seemed to care, except Laura or I who were watching our phones, when it was announced Obama won.  Tai Tais (wealthy women who have nothing to do but shop all day).

Yesterday was the first day of the International Wine and Spirits Expo. Time for the printer, the bank, and day 2....more to come

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