Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Published. Almost

So here it is, another week later later.  Aye!  What's new in Hong Kong:

Anyone seen the new (here at least) Anthony Bordain show where he's only in a city for 24 hours? It's fantastic!  He's currently in Singapore....

Paul's been busy at school.  Lots of kids, lots of discipline, lots of grading....but fun from what I hear.

HOFWs never stops.  I had my first day off in 3 weeks (21 days!) last Sunday.  WOOOOHHH!  Slept in til 9:30 after Paul and I had worked alllllll day Saturday at a market together.  It's so much more fun working on a Saturday when I have P there!

Sunday was amazing though.  Kina threw an awesome pig roast party right on the water of Deepwater Bay.  It was the first 'cold' day we've had, and it was perfect to sit out on the water in our fall gear eating pig and getting to meet some new and old friends.  The general consensus was 'this is the most perfect Sunday.'  As always with Kina, there was great food, but above all a great mix of really fantastic people.  We're sooo sooo sooo excited for Thanksgiving parte dos at Kina's on Thursday!

In HOFWs news, my friend Jackie connected me with one of her colleagues at Fast Media.  Fast Media produces three monthly magazines, Sai Kung, South Side and HK Island, reaching 120,000 affluent readers around HK.  Guess who's their new wine columnist for December (and hopefully going forward)!!!?? Me!  I wrote an article about our organic wines and why they're sure fantastic to help hangovers.  I'm so excited to see it in print....with a byline!

Monday I had another epic dinner at Factory 99.  Old Chinese men, HOFWs, and some randos, pulled together in a back room sipping $5,000 HKD wines eating a smorgasbord of food; you know, Monday. We started with an amazing sample from a Spanish potential supplier- Tempranillo Crianza- with the typical fare; fried fish, fries, and wings with potato skins (I think my boss Greg lives off these).  Then fresh mozz and parma ham, dried fish thingers, chips and nuts (??), then onto sashimi salmon, beef tips, rack of lamb, and grilled salmon steaks.  We washed it all down with a mix of samples from us (mostly good) and some expensive Bordeauxs.  Good, but waaaaay over priced.  The Spanish Crianza (~$100) was way better than the $1000 Bordeaux.  But that's just me.

Today back at the office, manicure, Egyptian dinner with P, and TV.  Tomorrow I'm doing an event at Lanson Place (long stay upscale hotel) for all of the GMs and MDs from around Asia.  My first event with HOFWs was almost exactly one year ago at this very same venue.  Crazy to think it's only been a year/it's already been a year.  I have so many things to be thankful for this year, but I think number one is finding a career and a life path that I'm so ridiculously excited about.  I love wine.  After studying wine I am MORE excited about wine.  After working in wine I am MORE excited about wine.  This is it.  For better or worse, liver, you're stuck with it.

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