Sunday, November 11, 2012

Where was I?

Oh yes, Wine and Dine.  Wine and Dine is basically a 4 day drunk fest.  Looking back, the whole thing is a total blur.  There were 311 food and wine (mostly wine) vendors, and an estimated 150,000 guests during the 4 days.  We basically spent 2pm-midnight pouring, pouring, pouring.  It was so much fun and see to see all my wine friends in one place trying to survive the chaos and hangovers that ensued.  I had a few occasions to go around tasting, but the most fun was post day 4 (Sunday) with Julia running around sipping the leftovers with whatever vendors were there!

Spreading the bread love
This past weekend was the Wine and Spirits Expo which is my ideal way to spend 3 days, had I not been working.  Wine vendors from around the globe pouring wine and explaining why you should import it into Hong Kong.  Although I didn't have a chance to walk around at all, we did have several guys from Italy come by to bestow samples and cheese on us.

I should also mention my amazing lunch day 1.  I signed up for the facebook contest and won (because there was a lack of people paying $660 for the lunch price!) a wine pairing lunch with Debra Meiburg, Master of Wine.  We had a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (which was new for me), a white from the South of France, a rose from the Rhone, a red from the Rhone, a red from Bordeaux, and a sweet from the Loire.  Delish.

Debra explaining her favorite wine pairing for the course
Debra is an American, ex-accountant, ex-vegetarian, (with a loaded husband), Master of Wine.  She is basically who I want to be in 15 years.  Google her!  We had an amazing 3 course lunch with some really fantastic French wines.  On top of being delicious and fun, it was interesting to sit down to lunch in a methodical way and really analyze how the wine and food flavors work together.  This is something I am going to implement at HOFWs; monthly wine dinners!

Thursday evening South of France tasting
Paul came and helped out for Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, and we were lucky enough to pick up a few leftover bottles to do our own at home wine tasting.  There was definitely no going out this weekend!  All day wine tasting is exhausting :)  And I should mention that Saturday was opened to the public.  8 billion Chinese people pointing at bottles yelling 'Discount Discount.'  The disconnect between Eastern and Western manners is amazing.  I suppose the signs all over public transportation demanding 'no spitting' should be an indication of this...but that's a whole nother story.

Paul procured me some flowers
Sunday up and at it for what is definitely my favorite event that we do; Island East Market.  This is my first time working it, but the 3rd time HOFWs has done it.  Basically it's the largest farmer's market in Hong Kong....outside my front door.  Paul and Steve came out and helped Greg and I make samples and pour some wine.

And she was darn proud of her doggy bjorn
And now tis Sunday night, went for a nice run (thank god), cooked breakfast (Paul's on a Spanish omelet kick where he's obsessed with creating the most perfectly authentic version) and lunch for tomorrow, and now have retired to the couch.  Ahhhhh breath.

Tomorrow is another bazaar, but luckily Tuesday-Friday office.  Double wooh.  Is it Christmas yet?
And in the most important news of the week, Paul and I got matching American Apparel tees.

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