Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Results Are In

And luckily these scores fare a lot better than my CFA 2 exam score....

THEORY(multiple choice and 5 essays):  Pass with distinction, which means > 85%.  I like to think I'm more in the 95% range :)


OVERALL:  Pass with merit

Wooot.  Lauren McPhate WSET level 3 Certificate holder.  I can put it on my business card and I get a cute little green pin.

Next stop diploma level.  2 years.  6 sections.  12 blind tastings.  And then it's on to the MW.  Why did no on tell me in high school that this is a viable career path???

To celebrate the bosses let me leave the Conrad fair early and Paul came home with a lovely Austrian red.  Any of you ever tried Zweigelt or Blaufrankisch?  Totally delicious, spicy, and different than your normal fruity red.   Then today we all went out as a team for an awesome lunch at the only place in Kwun Tong that offers and awesome lunch; L'hotel Elan.  All I have to say is pumpking, arugala, brie antipasto bar.

Also, I have been asked to write the January column for South Side, Sai Kung, and HK Island Magazine about wine trends in 2013!  Ahhh so excited!!! 

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  1. Awesome. Stay in Hong Kong, I haven't been able to visit.