Monday, August 20, 2012

Back at it

Back to Hong Kong and back to work!!  A quick sleep and it was immediately back to the grind that is wine.

Korean flounder!
Wednesday I rolled into the office, then quickly rolled right out to the Wan Chai Convention Centre to set up for the Food Expo.  Greg and I lifted, sorted, glued, and then just as fast as we hurried in, we hurried out for we had another event on the very same afternoon.  We sponsored the launch of QQ in Hong Kong.  QQ is an online messenger service from China, and we were there to pour some vino at the press conference.  We served a couple glasses of wine and then the event started.  In Chinese.  I sat and read my wine notes for an hour until it was over, served a couple more glasses of wine, and head home at the stroke of 7.

Oh did I mention Paul and I did a detox when we got back?  I figured between the weeks leading up to going home, being home, and the wedding, it was probably time to give this body a break.  No booze, meat, or dairy for as long as I deem necessary.  Well turns out that lasted all of three days, for one in the wine industry, one must drink wine!  One thing I decided during the process is that I am done with meat.  After the disgusting amount of ham, steak, and turkey I ate in the states, I think I'm over it.  No mas carne.  With that said, I will certainly never give up my fish.

The wine side

I should also mention Paul's brave try at going without meat.  I think he made it all of 4 hours before McD started calling his name.  It's in his genes, what can I say. 
After hours crowd at the Food Expo

Thursday through Friday it was nonstop at the Food Expo.  Friday evening I had an amazing wine class (this was the straw that broke the sober camels back) covering Spain, and then Saturday was 10-8 expo.  Toward the end of the event my friend Victor came by looking for the Mexican booth, my neighbor.  Unfortunately they packed up hours earlier, so they sat in the empty space consuming HOFWs finest wines.  8pm we packed up and Paul joined me, and we joined Victor.  All of the other wine vendors (there weren't many) soon followed and we got their leftovers.  We drank some lovely wines from Macedonia and other areas of Greece and come 10 when the whole place was desserted we decided it was probably best to leave.

Sunday!  My first glorious day off in 4 whole days!  I hit the beach with my WSET book.  Crazy Sunday Funday for this kid.  Welcome home!

Watson Wines Sunday Tasting, asa
Sunday dinner: Homemade tacos!

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