Sunday, August 12, 2012


Paul loves American sandwiches

Paul and I have been spending a wonderful week back in the good old USA.  Saturday the Fiehlers met the McPhates (and a Macchiaverna and Nestler) for an perfect evening of dining, chatting, and catching up!

Sunday was party day!!!  I feel like now a year later, we are officially engaged.  The families have met.  We have (kind of) set a date.  And we're taking steps to get down that alter.  The best part of the day was seeing so so many special people I haven't seen in years!!  Family, childhood friends, neighbors, new family, new friends. So so so so much fun!  THANK YOU so much for everyone who came.  It was so special for me to share Paul with people so close to me!
PA vineyards on the way to Gettysburg

Monday we said goodbye to everyone and head down to Gettysburg where we met Paul's dad.  We had a great night, and then my mom and Stacy joined in the afternoon for some Gettysburg sightseeing.  I was actually pretty impressed with Gettysburg.  I haven't been since 8th grade when I wasn't too impressed at all.  I suppose my 8th grade self was more concerned with getting to Hershey Park than the history of our country.  Go figure.

Sister Love

Then twas time for some DC action.  We went out for an amazing dinner at Liz and Joe's house out in Fairfax.  It's crazy to me that a) they've been married two years now and b) they have a house, dog, yard, etc.  When did we grow up!? Love you guys!

Wednesday was Paul's birthday.   I took him on a surprise zoo visit after a sweet sub from Taylors (amazed and so happy for Dave and Casey's success!).  We went for the baby cheetahs, but were disappointed that they aren't so much babies anymore.  Medium cheetahs = meh.  Sloth bears = awesome.

So handsomey on his birthday! xo
We managed to fit in a little Bed Bath & Beyond before heading up to Kalorama to catch up with my best friend from middle school!!  Again, so amazed by what a wonderful adult person my friend has become.  And Paul was equally impressed by the tray of cupcakes we inhaled as a tasting birthday surprise from Kate. Kate, see you in HK soon!!

Jen and Lauren.  Typical :)
Thursday we caught up with Jen over Mexican and wine.  Love Jen! The more catching up over dinner with Steve and Stoga.  I love my DC people and miss you all so much! Awesome to get back into the scene, even if only for the day.

Friday, weddddddddddddding stuff begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More coming later.  Olympics are coming to a close and I still haven't packed. 

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