Thursday, August 16, 2012

Concetta and Ryan Sitting in a Tree

What an AMAZING wedding!!  I can definitely say that it was the most beautiful wedding I've been to!  With the back drop of a river, giant trees, and dusk, Concetta and Ryan (finally) said I do.

We spent the day before the wedding at the Lancaster Brewery enjoying locally made fantastic beers, followed by a wonderful dinner at the Leola Inn, followed by some poolside beer time.   I decided to get a tasting flight at the brewery.  Little did I know I got a sample of one of each of the 15 beers.  I looked like quite the lush.  Luckily I'm dating someone who can put a few back, and put a few back he did!   Saturday those not in the bridal party were lucky enough to chill in the pool and catch up!  Peenalope was there!  Kate and Spencer were there! Giorgio was there!  JMU love.

someone's handsome 
Then it was time to get ready and see the most beautiful bride and bridal party on their way to the wedding.  And what a wedding.  So much fun to see my best friend on such a special day.  I'm mad I didn't bring my camera, but you can look  here and see for yourself.  PS Chett, fantastic photographer!!!  The college reunion and reception party were just an added bonus.  Late night of course got silly.  I believe there was some fully clothed bathing going on Greg's room, some random making out, some switching of making out partners, and who knows what else I didn't see!  Love you Chetta, and I'm  so so so happy for you and Ryan!

Justibuns and Ryan the morning after
Sadly all fun things must come to an end and Paul and I hitched a ride to NJ with Maria and Dave.  Love you Maria and wish that we had drives/book clubs/wine nights more often!!

One last night in NJ with my parents and then time to head out.  :(  I miss home already!!

I'm not going to exaggerate when I say we had the worst circumstances for a flight home ever.  EVER. It turned out alright in the end, but I had my doubts for a while there.

2 children behind.  ----->endless seat kicking- Paul was a much better sport than I would have been if I had that kid behind me.

2 children in front. ----> surprisingly little angels

1 baby to our left. ---->evil death cry for approximately 11 of the 15 hours.

No open bar.   ----->seriously, United?  WTF?

Ambien. ----->  Thank god for this because I don't think we would have made it otherwise.

Back in Hong Kong!

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