Monday, August 27, 2012

Phone Dependancy

I don't know about you, but my whole life revolves around my phone.  I live by this little guy.

I wake up to him every morning.

I listen to his sweet Songza tunes as I climb a mountain and he records my distance and time on Runkeeper.

I check into said mountain so all of my other FourSquare friends know that I am up and exercising at 7 am.

On my morning commute I study by practicing my wine region knowledge on my WSET app.

And what would I do without Whatsapp?  I get orders, check in with clients, send househusband errand updates (I love summer vacation!), chat with friends back at home, and even get random messages from  people I don't remember meeting.

Calculator, currency converter, email, HK Weather Observatory, NY Times, Skype, Kindle, calendar (thank god I have recently moved everything into my Moleskin), all of these things are an every day necessity.

Oh, and the phone function too.

Last Friday approximately 5:10 pm, tragedy struck.  Poor little guy decided this life was worth living and he took a fatal dive out of my pocket into the HOFWs toilet.  Although rescue came quickly (and not happily, ew), it wasn't enough.  The damage was done, and he wouldn't survive.

So for those of you wondering why I have been out of commission, and probably the vast majority of you whom haven't even noticed, I am sans phone.   And it's looking like I will be until at least next week.

God speed little guy.

In the meantime, you can reach me the old fashion way via gmail or Paul. 

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