Thursday, July 19, 2012

Food and Wine Pairing

What matters when you choose your wine for dinner?  Do you go for logo?  Varietal? Country of origin? Or do you think to yourself, 'what will make XXX pop off the plate?'

Well it's come to my attention a lot recently how much wine and food are meant for each other.  Perhaps because I don't really come from a big wine drinking family (which has changed since I've come of age, thank you) wine was never a meal time accompaniment.  It was always a stand alone, post work indulgence. 

Now as I learn more about wine and can appreciate more of the nuances, finding the perfect match for a wine is not only a challenge, but also a huge reward.  What are some of your all time favorite pairings?

Recently I had a dinner party with some Southern Cajun inspired rice, shrimp, and cornbread.  We paired a Spanish Airen which totally illuminated the already vibrant lemon heavy meal.  Airen is just perfect for summer isn't it?  Did you know it's the world's most planted grape!?  True story.

Anyway, I'm curious to hear about some of your interesting wine pairing success stories!  Or fails!  Ever try a Shiraz with Korean sundaboo (spicy tofu soup).  No bueno.  No bueno, indeed.

Not meant for tannins.

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