Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week in Review

Long time no see.  Since the expo season started I have had very very little free time. Excuses excuses.

Greg, Jordan, Katia (Greg's friend from Brazil), me, Julia, Sean
Last Sunday we wrapped up the Better Living Expo in Tung Chung at 8, vanned it back to Kwun Tong to dump the leftovers into the office, and then set out to Kowloon City for a 'whew we're done, congrats dinner.'  We went to my favorite Thai place, Ruamjai, had my favorite pumpkin curry (and copious amounts of wine and beer)and hit a local bar.  haha local bars in Kowloon City are a sight to see.  Once.  It was dark, smokey, and filled with 70+ year old men who did not think our impromptu karaoke was funny at all.  Nope, not at all.

We then set out for more of a sure thing-> Wan Chai.  This is where is gets a bit fuzzy for everyone, except for Greg, who took photographic evidence of all the evening festivities.  Basically we dance, Sean and I had running/jumping contests, Julia made out with some rando, and we all acted like the morons that we are.

Flash forward to Monday when mean boss Greg made us all come in (at noon).  We all sat around looking haggard while Greg laughed and recounted the evening through photographs.   Luckily the weather turned south and we all left the office right at 5 in anticipation of a T8.

typhoon rations
T8s are the HK equivalent of a snow day.  If you can recall all the way back to last fall, we had one and I stayed home with Paul and learned to make cheese.  This time the T8 was far trickier and decided not to hit until after business hours.  Jerk.  Paul and I went home, watched TV, fell asleep and missed all of the T10 (who knew it went that high?) racket, and woke up to a T8.  No work!  That is until they downgraded it to a T3 at 10:10.  This means you have 2 hours to get into work.  Boo.

Walk to work the next day....

More work to be done.  I will catch up soon!!

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