Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thank you all for some many birthday wishes already!!  And it's only 8 am! xoxo
An early birthday surprise

Last night I came home from wine class (which I am totally in love with!) and Paul was here waiting with a bottle of Baileys.  Ohhh he knows me so well.

Let's back up to what happened this week!  Tuesday I joined the owners of Factory 99 for dinner.  We drank some wildly expensive French wine (Saint Julien) and ate waay too much.
150 euro wine on a Tuesday.  Not bad.

Wednesday I head down to the convention centre to get ready for a press release about an expo we're doing next weekend (ugh).  Got there 4 hours early (they told me to come at 11 but it didn't start til 3) so went out selling with Julia.

Big fail and it was hot hot hot to boot so we just got sweaty and defeated.  BUT then we hit Linguini Fini for lunch, and despite the fact that my man Wahid wasn't there, LF still managed set everything right in my world.

Eggplant sun dried tomato soup with salami mortadella sam
I parted with Julia and set up for the press release.  I had never been to one before.  Greg had never been to one.  Sean had never been to one.  So no one knew what to expect, and I was sent to handle it alone.

It was so fun!  I walk in at 2 and my little table had been all set up for me.  There were about 20 or so other vendors; yoga, artificial sugar, appliances, lamps, wine without alcohol...wait what!  I told Paul this and his response was, 'Don't they just call that grape juice?"  Well I learned in wine class the grape juice we all know and love (concord) are grapes grown from North American vines.  The wine we all know and love (alll varieties) is from European vines, vin vinifera.  True story.

My corner of the table; truffles and organic wine
Anyway, it starts at 3, I take a look around the room and I am the only white face.  They start with 2 guys being interviewed on stage.  Then out come the 'famous rappers.'  I rode the elevator up with them and they were dressed urban chic.  Tight around the ankles cargos, coifed hair, just looking cool, you know?  Then they come out on stage with oversized tees, sideways hats (I'm not even kidding), and big goofy sunglasses.  They were like a mockery of themselves and that's what the Asian girls love.  I asked the girl working for the fake sugar next to me if she knew them, to which she replied, 'of course, that's MC Jin.'  Of course.

Then they left and the 2 original guests with film crew and interviewer walked around from booth to booth interviewing people about their companies and their products.  It was fun and the hosts were waaay overly eager to eat my truffles and try my wine, but the overeagerness put me at ease and made it seem more silly than intimidating.  I'm hoping since I was the only white kid there it will earn me a spot on the evening news.  Who knows where this footage goes though!
look at these guys!

Thursday we had our anniversary/new product launch at the AME Gallery in Central.  It's been one year since Greg and Sean partnered up to make HOFWs into the structure it is now.  Sean had been doing the wine thing alone for 3 years previous, but things got a lot more serious when Greg joined on.
Anniversary party snacks
And of course, when I joined on 8 months ago :)  Can you believe it?

This is our second event with Anna, and I think much more successful than the first.  There was a great turnout,  Julia did a great job with the food, and the wine was great to boot!

So I know I mentioned this already, but man is wine class awesome!  We started the class with a brief film interview with some Burgundian wine makers, then Ian goes through some slides, and then we break into groups of four to get through our tasting notes.  Last night was Burgundy and Alsace.  Here's what we drank. A lot of.

Alsace- Riesling
Alsace- Pinot Gris
Burgundy- Chablis
Burgundy- Chardonnay
Burgundy-Pinot Noir
Beaujolais- Gamay

Ian being filmed in class.
The Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay stood out.  And rightfully so, the Pinot Noir retails here for $640!!

So here it is Saturday AM, Paul took off work, I can't sleep in, and it's raining!!  Hard.  Crazy hard rain.  On my birthday!  I'm supposed to swim 2.2k this afternoon!! 

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