Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Establishment Day!

Wan Chai Pier
July 1 marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of HK SAR!  Freedom from England, woot!  And it's kind of funny because July 4th marks the USA's freedom from England!  Not a good week for the Brits, eh?

Before the crowds.  Vero's final party before shutting its doors

Paul and I spent the day at Shek O working on our tans and our swims, and the night partying with Vero in Wan Chai.  We went to a Vero party last October for HK National Day (or something) and it was awesome.  This time a little slower.  Long line for the bar, hit or miss food (although the Pizzaria Publico pizza was amazing!  Closest to NY pizza I have ever seen in Asia), and super crowded.  But the fireworks were amazing as always, and both Paul and I won something from the lucky draw. I won a little leather name card holder, and Paul won a giant box of chocolate.  Not bad, not bad.
Derek and Paul

Today we're going to hit Cheng Chau for some beach and seafood, and then Zara for some new dresses.  Love not working on Monday!
Winner Winner of the lucky draw

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