Friday, February 1, 2013

Crazy Night Indeed

Yes the evening turned out exactly how I expected;

Hit the gym.  Which some how manages to piss me off every time I go.  This time I had a voucher for $1,000 in beauty treatment.  I inquired what exactly this meant and included.  The woman said the most popular choice was a facial and went ahead and began to sign me up. I don't want a facial, but she didn't seem to want to explain the other choices to me.  Uh.  Then she says I need to do said facial within the next month.  Well, I have a lot going on this month woman; CNY, working most weekends, and wine class begins, I'm not sure if I'll have time...then she looks again and informs me that my voucher is in fact void because it expired a month ago.
A particularly nice morning on the mountain

a) can someone please explain everything that is due to me UPON signing up for my membership? Maybe mention there are no towels.  No water cooler.  Vouchers expire ASAP.  I'm guessing there will be some sort of issue with classes too, but I have yet to try one...The classes are hilarious though.  You can see into them from the gym (which is weird), so I totally watch these little tiny Asia women with NO moves trying to get down to Jay Z...I digress.

b) could you not have wasted 30 minutes of my time on a treatment I didn't want for a voucher that is expired.  Learn your job woman.  Uh.

A lesson to those of you in HK, Physical sucks.  There's a reason it's cheap.

Isn't it pretty!?
Anyway, went home and made the best thing ever; cauliflower/spinach pesto.  1/2 head cauliflower + bunch of spinach, green onions, garlic, blend and you have the most beautiful sauce!  Simply lovely.

This is a lot of rambling about absolutley nothing, so I will spare you.  The following evening I was really excited to go to an event held by Heels and Deals.  HaD is a company founded by Clare, who is just this lovely Aussie, to help support women entrepreneurs in HK and the UAE.

Clare, the only good speaker of the evening!
This event was about telling your story in business; ie being able to clearly convey what your business is.  I thought this would be good practice for my goal of public speaking.  Turns out not so much because the two people who spoke sucked!! Not only were they boring, but they didn't say anything useful.  I'm talking  I walked out of there hungry (seriously it was 6:30-9 and they served a tiny tray of cheese and olives!), bored, and feeling ripped off.

I'll just have to practice on my own.

Thursday I had to drop off some wine with an art gallery in Central (Art Supermarket Asia is awesome!) then Paul met me for some asa Mediterranean food at Habibi Cafe, which is a customer of mine. I love going in there.  Everyone's so nice and the food is amazing.  Love the pumpking/sweetpotato/feta salad!

Today is FRIDAY!! But it doesn't matter because I'll be working ALL weekend.  Boo.  I do not kid when I say HOFWs is exhibiting at the annual Pet Expo.  That's right kids, get your wine here!  And what's ridiculous is that there's another wine company there!!!

Julia, Greg, and Sean are there today
Julia, Sean and I will man Pet World tomorrow
Paul Lionel and I will do Island East Market (my fav outside my door) Sunday
Sean will do DB Sunday
And Julia and Greg will do Pet Crazyville Sunday.

HOFWs doesn't believe in taking a day off.  Bali in 8 sleeps!
Bought a new case of wine, yey!

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