Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guess Who's Dating a Model


Paul and I both went to a casting call yesterday after my friend Jon mentioned that an electronics company was looking for some guillos for their new commercial.  We walk in and it's a talent agency...filled with models.  6 foot tall size 00 girls, jacked men with chiseled jaws, and Paul and I who came straight from work. ha.

I meet with the woman first:

'You're a full time model?' with a raised eyebrow

Nope!  But she was kind enough and took my photos.  Then same with Paul....but Paul got the job!!  Unfortunatley it's for 4pm tomorrow which is exactly when our flight takes off for Bali!!!

Speaking of.  I'm going to Bali tomorrow!!  We are getting picked up by a driver from the airport on Sunday morning after a redeye flight. Then we'll drive around the East side of the island touring places before getting dropped off at Komune.  I've got to say Komune is definitely the top of my list now.  They're totally on the ball and have been over the top helpful with everything.  They've even arrange for us to meet with a local wedding planner Monday morning. 

Monday afternoon we'll probably rent motorbikes and go around and then move hotels to the West side of the island.  We'll see.  Then Tuesday we booked this amazing looking place via Air BnB.  Have any of you used it before?  We're staying at a boutique hotel owned my Matt and Lauren who are from Cali, and they have nothing but stellar reviews.  Cannot wait!!

Pictures and reviews coming soon!  I will also try to post a lot of pics on Facebook so you can help me pick which place to book.   It's going to be so hard to choose.....

Kwun Tong, where i work, is a total mess today.  I met up with my friend Roy for lunch and we spent the better part of an hour walking around tryign to find somewhere to eat.  Everywhere, EVERYWHERE, had a ridiculous line.  We finally went to Johnny Cafe for sandwiches.  ha. 

Happy year of the snake!

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