Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deposit Down!

It's official, La Joya is ours April 20th-22nd!!  Now let the planning begin.  If anyone has any thoughts on an easy, engagement photo free, save the date, please comment below. 

Another official this week; wine class has begun!  I went to my induction class on Tuesday evening to meet my fellow wine dork/masochists.  The 'class' was totally pointless.  Basically the owner of AWSEC, Steve Mak, talked us through each section of the course and their tests.  For 2 hours!  I could have a) read it on my own or at least b) summed it up into a cute 20 minute spiel.  Hm.  The final hour we spend tasting although we didn't actually begin tasting until 9:30.  Class was supposed to finish at 10.  It finished at 10:40, waay past this kid's bedtime, and on top of that because we were so late that everyone rushed out.  My whole reason for going was to collect emails to form a tasting group. 

Looking around the room of the 50 or so people, guess how many guillos (which literally translates to white face)?  3.  3!!! There's also one guy from my level 3 course and then my level 3 facilitator, Katherine, is also taking it.  The guy sitting behind me flew in from Sri Lanka for the induction.  Nuts. 

I'm excited by slightly overwhelmed with what I've gotten myself into.  They say 60 hours of study for this first section.  That's 10 hours a week. That's an hour a day Monday-Friday and 5 hours on the weekend.  I took a look at my calendar, this Saturday Kina birthday booze brunch, next Saturday 5k beer to beer run, 2 weekends following Chetta and Ryan are here! much excitement that there isn't a whole lot of extra time for vinification and viticulture.

The next sections is when it gets a little more interesting with the Global Business of Wine and Fortifieds....tasting!

Anyway, yesterday I met up with my friend from Korea who is here looking for a job.  Jo Tang and I met 3 years ago at a hotel party and have seen eachother on and off ever since.  It's so crazy to not see someone for so long, but you have this huge bond because Korea just does that to you.  We both agree that we feel so much younger than we are because Seoul took us several years back.  So great to catch up, and she's here for the next month so I'll see a lot of her, and living in HK I'm sure the flow of ex-Seoulites will continue in and out. In and out. 

It's Thursday!  Greg's off at a Bordeaux tasting all day, so Julia and I are holding down the office.  Then Paul and I are off to a different Bordeaux tasting and then home to study.  Study, study, study..if anyone has something to contribute to vineyard practice and vine vigour management, please feel free to come over for a glass of wine tonight. 

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