Monday, February 25, 2013


I feel like it's been non-stop, but I think in reality it's because I'm building up a million things to do and not actually taking on any of them. Or at least not completing any of them.  Maybe tomorrow.

Por ejemplo, trying to lock down the wedding venue and A) the lady isn't available to come to the phone until my 4th phone call 6 hours after I started calling B) she hasn't responded in over a day to one simple email question.  Do they not want my money!?

At least I'm getting my blog written :)


Friday evening Paul met me at the office where I finished inputting 2011 expenses (after initially entering then in 2012 and having to go back and change them all..fml) and he (well, we)  finished off a bottle of organic Trebbiano from a potential Italian supplier.  We hit the ferry back to North Point, oh how I've missed the ferry!, and finally made it into this place I'd been eyeing for several months.

Big Bite.  Enough said, no?  This is, I assume, run by a Canadian because there are flags and hockey paraphernalia all over.   Burgers.  Hotdogs.  Craft beers.  Amazing.  Oh and the most fun part, they had HK Island Magazine where I saw my February article that I didn't know got published.  Asa!

Then we went out to Otto for 3 hours of open bar in celebration of Alicia's 27th birthday.  We saw a ton of people we haven't seen since before CNY, and probably most since before Christmas.  Clock struck 1 and we head home.

Saturday was the best day ever.  Lazy morning.  Cooked breakfast together.  Picked up a veg lunch and check from client in Central.  Then hit up an art show held in the Mandarin Oriental where each gallery got their own hotel room/suite.  It was really interesting to see both the art and the hotel and my customers.

It was such a gorgeous day too!  We walked down to the Pier for a glass of wine and beer, strolled a few K to Wan Chai to pick up our framed art from Vietnam, and then made our way homebound.  Cooked a lovely meal at home, drank some wine, finished Silver Lining Playbook (awesome!) and called it a night early.

Sunday I woke up early, called mom and dad, hit the gym for all of 20 minutes, hit my favorite market, Island East to chat it up with all my favorite vendors, started studying vinification and then had to go to work.  Lame.

Monday!!!!  BUSY BUSY BUSY at work.  Too much work and not enough people! Met one of my customers (and friend), got in a bunch of new amazing wines from Spain, and then Julia head out early for a Rhone Valley tasting.  I love Rhone wines.  They are definitely my favorites from France, and the whites, especially Viognier, are maybe my favorites anywhere.  Ha we'll see what I saw Thursday after the Grand Vins de Bordeaux tasting....

Tis time for some Top Chef and grading papers (P not me).  Ahh it's only Monday

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