Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Years Resolution Status

Success on all fronts.  That's right kids, 2 months in, 2 New Years down, and I have been moving forward with all goals.

1.  I have been running every morning and hit the gym on average once a week.   My run now consists of interval training.  Each bench I pass I stop and do 1 minute plank, 30 second side planks, squats, dips, pushups, mountain climbers, etc.  Depending on the weather and how awake I'm feeling, some days are better than others.  Down 5lbs since Christmas though!

2. Ok maybe not success on all fronts....I still have a few months to file taxes.  For the past 3 years...

3.  More so because I have no time, but I do not read my food blogs anymore.  I do check my friend Ali's wine blog almost daily, and check the Decanter headlines every evening. 

4.  Drink more expensive wine.  I have recently purchased several wines for $180-$220, which is expensive for me.  And I also won a $300 bottle from French Moment- thanks! HOFWs is taking a field trip to a trade tasting on Monday where we will drink all things Rhone- one of my favorite wine regions!  Then Thursday we're going to a trade tasting for Bordeaux's fresh releases- 2010 vintage.  Yey quality wine!

Today I purchased 2 wines just because they were interesting- white Pinot Noir from Germany!  So excited to try them...

5.  On Friday when I have my wine dork friends over!  I have my induction ceremony for my diploma course next Tuesday, and so the following Friday I will have all of my wine serious friends over to discuss how to structure tastings for the next year or so.  I have my Hungarian wine friend, several people from class, and friends from tastings coming.  

We've also had Kina over for dinner and plan to have Paul's co-workers over in a couple weeks for a make your own baked potato bar.  We're thinking, homemade cheese sauce, broccoli, garlic spinach, bacon, sour cream, butter, any other suggestions?

6.  Apparently I am not too shitty a writer because I had an article in the South China Morning Post  (SCMP) the Monday I was in Bali!  I had sent some info to a writer there about some HOFWs wines, and I suppose it made it because Greg said one of his buddies saw it. Word.

7.  I have led two successful wine tastings for more than 10 people.  The first one I was pretty nervous for, but a few minutes in loosened up a bit and got into it.  Wine helps.  The second one, last night, I felt really comfortable and really felt like an expert.  I love wine.  I know wine.  I am sooo excited for wine dork school Tuesday!!!  Unfortunately we have a container of wine coming into our warehouse tomorrow so we won't be able to have any more small tastings.  In fact, I don't think we're even going to be able to get in the door.

So yeah, less the tax thing, resolutions have been going swimmingly well.  How bout you?

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