Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chetta and Ryan are here!!

Friday late night, Chetta and Ryan arrived!!  They had a long day of flying and finally stepped into Qbay at 2 am for the first time.  We talked into the wee hours and then took a repose until the next day.
Saturday we had an amazing Hong Kong filled day.  Started the day with a delicious dim sum breakfast, followed by a trip across the Victoria Harbour on the Star Ferry.  From there we made our way through the crowds in TST to the Ritz Carlton for a drink atop the world's highest bar in the world's tallest hotel, next to the world's highest jewelry store....
Ritz Restaurant

Drinks and view were amazing!  Ryan and I had Stiletto's; sake, vokda, and watermelon, while Chetta and Paul sipped on Champagne Mojitos.  What a gorgeous restaurant and view, despite the haze.  Then we made our way back across the Star Ferry to a bus to the top of the Peak. Again, questionable haze, and now questionable camera battery, led to a quick departure.  

Taxi cabbed it to Causeway Bay for an amazing Korean meal complete with Soju.  Oh how I haven't missed Soju....
Then back to Qbay for Wii and more wine. Too much wine perhaps!  But a perfect day of all things Hong Kong and Asia, and all with my best friend from home!!

Sunday we had over some of our best Hong Kong friends for fruit, cheese, and green Cava.  Allison, Michael, Nina, Kenny, and Nina's cousin Meredith, Julia, and Mike all came to celebrate St. Patty's Qbay style.  We eventually made our way down to the ferry (love ferries!!) and over to Lei Yu Mun, for what can only be described as rip off central.  They saw our 11 white faces coming from a mile away!!
Allison, Michael, and Meredith

The girls sipped some more Cava while the men folk tended to the fish.  You walked through the alley from vendor to vendor trying to procure the best fish for the best price.  After a lot of back and forth, the men came back successful and with giant smiles for their (Michael's!) negotiation skills.  Eventually they settled on a giant lobster, prawns, clams, 2 grouper fish, and squid, and brought it back to the restaurant to cook up.

We had a lovely table right on the water and enjoyed each of our courses as they came.  Although not the best seafood, it was certainly enjoyable to analyze each dish to determine whether or not it was the fresh fish we had just picked from the tanks, or if it was pulled from the freezer.  

Our fish
And then came the bill.

No less than 2x the price they quoted us.  Did I mentioned we're the only guillos there?  There weren't even that many Chinese people there, you'd think they would be happy with our business    No, no, let's rip off the  whiteys.  After many a calcuations, and debates, and dare I say fights, we finally settled on a number.  So we thought.....

"10 dolla more...'  10 dollars on the table.  '7 dolla more....'  Seriously dude, here's your $7 ($1usd) and let us go.  YES, we will tell our run.  Lei Yu Mun = constant fight, mediocre food, although I will say we all had a huge laugh about it.  Definitely one to remember.

Next time we're getting pizza.

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