Tuesday, March 26, 2013


They exist for a reason.

Monday evening I arranged a wine tasting with some of my dip (WSET diploma) friends, Italian wine expert Marco, and some of his friends.  Frist of all, the tasting was really fun.  Marco put together 10 international varietal wines for us to blind taste.  I guessed 9 of the 10, the Merlot of all things throwing me off. 

Anyway, this guy Herman walks in, Chinese, and we both kind of acknowledge that the other looks familiar.  We go through several events we think we would have met at, but can't figure it out.  Oh well.

An hour or so into our tasting we are served crab and truffle risotto (sounds better than it was).  The conversation moves to truffles, Herman loves them, so I give him my card.  And then he says, 'Oh I know you're company.  I was in the other day.'

I assume he was in to buy wines, and ask if he was with a friend, to which he said he was.  Then a little later on he says something about CRM.  Apparently he was in our office (not with his friend like he said- I think he was drunk- he IS Chinese afterall) just 2 weeks ago for a CRM meeting! I had a 45 minute face to face meeting with this guy and couldn't place him a mere 2 weeks later.

Just goes to show they all look the same to me.  Oops!

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