Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chetta and Ryan Are Moving to HK!

I've decided for them.  They are the easiest and most fun house guests ever, so we're going to continue the party indefinitely!

After our amazing, albeit rather silly, seafood lunch on Sunday, Chetta and Ryan hopped on a plane early Monday AM headed for Phuket.  There they spent 4 days beaching, biking (crashing!?), eating, and seeing.  Yesterday they arrived back in HK and we all met up with Catherine for some chat and vino.  And then more Thai food.  If you haven't been to Koh Thai, do it.  It's amazing!

Today, the bosses are nowhere to be seen (it's 11) as they had a bit of a 'session' last night.  I suspect they'll come rolling in within the next hour...anyway, meeting Chetta and Ry after work for some dinner, light shows, and HK nightlife.

Totally wish they didn't have to leave tomorrow!!  But now that they know how fantastic HK is, I suspect they'll be back :)

Bali or Bust 2014. 


  1. We will certainly be back! We had such an amazing time! Thank you for being awesome hosts! xo

  2. Miss you!! And LOVE the pictures. Well done, Ryan.