Sunday, March 17, 2013

Concerts, Beer, Run, Beaches

Another jam packed weekend, and thankfully, not all of it was work.  Friday I left the office early with Sean to do some deliveries.  After running around Central for several hours we made our way down to Stanely where we were the wine sponsor's for Ernest So's piano concert; Golden Age of the Piano.  These events are always nice.  Good networking, amazing piano, and free flow wine. 

Woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to head over to the Lantau Beer Dash!!

Morning brews with Laura and Derek
Met up with Derek and Laura and took the 7:40 (shoot me it's Saturday!) ferry over to Mui Wo.  Hopped on a bus to Tong Fuk and got there a reasonable 2 hours early....ha.  No problem, we pregamed with some of China's best, TingTao, and eventually made our way up to the start.

We were the only jackasses out of like 100 + people, children included, not wearing a costume.  And I don't mean capes, everyone was full out.

Run, drink a beer, run, drink a beer, run, drink a beer, run drink a beer, run along the beach and finish!  Amazing sense of comradery and they we all get to revel in our fantastic running and drinking with a beach front buffet and, of course, brews.

We're totally doing it again next year with a bigger team, costumes, and of course, beers.

Sicily master class with Debra Meiburg
Good week at home.  Tutoring and Christmas presents from Paul's mom!, an amazing wine tasting in Central led by Marco who is an encyclopedia of all things Italy, and then an amazing tasting and master class of Sicilian wines at the Jockey Club, followed by a fun party at Jackie and Justin's, followed by Chetta and Ryan!!!  Great week.
Vermintino tasting with Marco

Thank you!!!

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