Monday, March 11, 2013

This Week Is Trying to Kill Me

Between the sweet potatoes and Ms. Han, it's a wonder I'm still standing!

Monday afternoon I decided it would be a good idea to buy a roasted sweet potato on the street.  Apparently it wasn't such a great idea as just a few minutes later my stomach cramped and felt naseous and I got a fever.  I had already committed, and paid, for a  sold out Hungarian wine tasting that evening, of which my boss was going with me. Despite thoughts of vomit (never actually happened thankfully), I persisted and made it to said tasting.

And I'm so glad I went.  It was really wonderful!   Great wines, great friends, great networking.  Great!

Tuesday I still wasn't feeling 100%, but I manned up and made it into work.  That's over 1 year working for HOFWs with only one sick day.  And it wasn't so much a sick day as much as Brian trying to kill me by visiting.  I don't think I have ever had such a bender.  Good times.  I went out and met a customer, and sold him 24 wines thank you, and while sitting on the bus home, recieved the following whatsapp:

'Hello.  This is Han.  I am at the YMCA hotel in tsim sha tsui.'

Thanks for the notice Ms. Han, but YEY Ms. Han's in town!!!  Later that night as I read my WSET book in my PJs, she texted again inquiring if I could come meet her in TST.  It was 9pm and TST is a good 30 minutes away, not this time Han.

Wednesday was another day in the office, followed by a quick Foodie social (too many people, no food!), and a kebab.  The we decided to run over to the Flying Winemaker for their monthly top 12 tasting.  This month's focus was on Aussies.  We ran into friend Fay and Adrienne (WSET 3 friends who also went to the Hungarian tasting with me) and enjoyed some lovely Aussie Rieslings, Semillons, and of course, Shiraz!

Then I was off to meet the ladies for a girl's night at Jackie's.  In retrospect, wine tasting before wine with the girl's wasn't the best idea, and my Thursday self was not so much appreciating it.  Life goes on and twas super fun to catch up with Jackie, Alicia, and Courtney.

Thursday evening I went to a really great networking/marketing event for an e-commerce marketing company.  I thought it was going to be a class about optimizing lead generation, but was more of a sales pitch.  Regardless, there were great people, great snacks (ahi tuna!), and drinkable wine.  The white at least.  And I was quite please with myself to write tasting notes and analyze my wine whilst Ohad gave his marketing speech- which was wonderfully to the point and no BSing around.   Aussie Semillon (theme this week, eh?) with overt traces of MLF (malolactic fermentation- makes the wine taste creamy).

Then I was off to TST to visit Ms. Han.  Ohh how I have missed her!  She looks fantastic, was smiling like always, and brought me out on an adventure as per usual.  We met some of her friends, one of which I had met years ago in Korea, and went to this secret street of bars I had never seen before.  Leave it to the Han to show me something new in my own country!  In typical Korean fashion, she insisted I order something and then we all got a round of beers despite the fact we were at an Italian restaraunt with a pretty extensive wine list.

This is where it got really Korean.  We get our beers, and as soon as the waitress walks away out comes the waterbottle filled with soju!!  SoMek for everyone!And then the guy across from me pulled out some of his own fruit.  haha oh I miss it!

Sadly, I was pretty exhausted and head home around 11.  Everytime I see Ms. Han  I get so nostalgic for my days in Korea.  A trip this summer may well be in order.

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