Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner Fail

The kitchen pantry is bare, or I guess I should say non-existent. It's hard starting from scratch! Last night I planned to make Paul and I seafood with white wine sauce. Christy came home and asked if I wanted her to get me anything from the grocery store...No I'm good. Then she said her boyfriend was coming over soon....for dinner. I had mentioned we could all do dinner together the night before but never got a definitive answer, good thing pasta comes in big packs! I sautéed the onion in olive oil (still don't have butter), then the garlic, then threw in white wine and seafood. We have zero salt in the house and limited black pepper. Thank god for sriacha sauce! It was bland but they were good sports and it scored us an invitation on a junk boat cruise next week with Poi's family. Asa boats!

In good news, my cereal for breakfast this morning was quite delicious.

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