Monday, August 22, 2011

Holy Macao!

Yesterday Paul and I set out on a visa run to Macao. Macao used to be a Portuguese colony up until the late 90s, and is now kind of Chinese and kind of on its own. But for all functional purposes you can think of it as Vegas. A quick hour long ferry and you're no longer in beautiful Hong Kong, but this other magical playground for adults.

It was a little ominous in the morning with dark scary clouds, but they blew away in time for the boat ride. It's surprising how many people are going gambling on a Monday morning! We hit the Venetian where we had a lovely dim sum lunch, each gambled $100HK (~$12 USD), lost, then found vouchers for more money and played with those! We love Macao! Since we signed up for the loyalty card we got a spin on some other machine where I won a $100 voucher for dinner. Asa! All in all we gambled for a good 5 hours, mostly on slots and roulette, and I mostly watched, had 2 meals and free drinks and spent <$50 USD. Now that's a good day.

Paul is officially here on a work visa and I officially have to leave in 3 months. Humph. I had a great lunch with Angelina on Sunday where she gave me some confidence that yes, it is possible for me to get a job. EVen in this economy! She got her job with RBS before leaving Korea, but her boyfriend didn't have one. He found a job with a leasing company within a month of being here. Then tonight I'm meeting with another "friend" for happy hour. We haven't actually met but have been exchanging emails about HK for months. Friend of a friend sent me Katie's email. She taught in Korea and left for HK and never looked back. Networking. Tis all about the networking.

As for now, it's 9am and we're hitting the beach. Decision today; Shek O or Lamma island. Life is tough...

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