Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still reeling.... how awesome this city is! Yesterday Paul and I took the subway to the beach. Yes, that's right. The subway to the beach. At Sheck O, apparently one of the bigger beaches, there was beautiful clean sand, floating platforms to swim to in the water and tons of people hawking umbrellas and chairs. It was magical! And all just a subway away. The lunch options were phenomenal too! I finally got the Tom Yam soup I have been craving since Kho Pangan. Then after a looong (don't take the bus during rush hour) bus ride home, I showered off and hit LKF for happy hour. Paul and I enjoyed some wine and beers and then met Katie. Katie is a friend of a friend who used to teach in Korea and moved here a year ago. And she's not yet turned back. We met at this amazing bar where you give a business card and have unlimited drinks of any sort from 9-11. How great is this!? We obviously didn't have business cards, but a quick search through the wallet solved that right up. Tonight is ladies' free drinks night in Wan Chai. I could get used to this.

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