Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ocean Park

Man, I think there are more Filipinos here than in the Philippines. If you have a small child, you also have a Filipino. Apparently it costs around $3,300HKD (~$400) a month for a Filipino woman to live with you, care for your children, cook, and clean your apartment. Why would you not!? During the day here at the Latitude, it's just me and the nannies. Sundays are their days off, so if you go to any park in HK it's filled with nannies. It's pretty cool to go and see hundreds of people just chatting and enjoying the amazing (although very hot) parks here.

Yesterday was Paul's last day of freedom, so what did we do? Went to the sweetest place in HK; Ocean Park!! We thought it would be more of a waterpark (hello OCEAN park), but turned out to be more of an amusement park, which was fine by us. We bused over there by 11, rode the raft down the crazy river, did a log floom and then 2 awesome rollercoasters all in a couple hours!! I've seen this park several times now because everytime you take a boat out you can see the rollercoasters hanging off the West Coast of HK island.
And, wow, were the rollercoasters cool. I hadn't been on one since Six Flags with Chetta 2+ years ago and had forgotten how much fun they are. You're hanging off a cliff over the ocean, what could be better!? On top of the rides and short lines, there was also a panda habitat, Amazing Asian Animals Expo, and a pretty cool Acquarium. Impressive HK, very impressive.

Day one Paul at work a success. I ran for the first time since April and worked out (our gym rocks and it's empty), applied for jobs, found myself a couple of headhunters (thank you Brian), went grocery shopping twice, and am about to prepare fajitas for dinner. I went to the grocery store to make Mexican food and guess what, I found everything I needed. In one store! What!? This never ever ever happened in Korea. I always had to run around to like 7 different stores before I could find what I needed. Today I got cheese!, tortillas!, refried beans!, taco seasoning!, salsa!, and then curry squid, shrimp and pepper beef. Can you tell I'm excited? Doesn't take much, eh?


  1. HK Sounds amazing. I want to come visit!

  2. You better! You'd love it, very West meets East. When can I expect a visit? Oh, Ill be in NJ and PA for Christmas, any chance you'll be around??