Monday, August 15, 2011

No Joke

The street that I live on is King Fuk Road. Seriously!?

So the apartment is, no exageration, AMAZEBALLS!!! It's brand new, shiny, and someone opens the door for you at every enterance. Oh and did I mention it's on top of a mall!!!? It's in the beginning phases so there are only a few stores and restaurants open, but the grocery store and more stores are coming soon.

The apartment itself is small, but managable. Paul and my room is tiny! We put our wardrobe into the living room and are looking for more furniture to fit the obscene amount of clothing we sent, which, has been sitting in a humid closet for the past month. Ew mold. But the place is gorgeous. 19th floor view of the pool, which sadly you do have to pay for, but only $3 and rivals any hotel pool I have ever seen. Take that back, it's probably nicer. For free we have a gym with boxing ring!, sauna, jacuzzi and locker room, and we also have the option to rent out the bowling alley and private theater for cheap. You really don't have to leave!

Our roommate seems really nice too. Christy is 30ish from Australia and is dating a Hong Kongian. She taught in China for a few years, then worked in England, and has now moved here to be closer to Poi.

So things in HK are exciting! It's hot, we figured out the bus to HK island (super easy and right outside our apt), and Paul starts training tomorrow. That's right folks. Tomorrow will be the first day in well over 2 months that I will be alone! All day to myself!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!

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