Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year

No one really celebrates Christmas here.  The extent of it is going out to dinner.  The biggest holiday in Asia is for sure Chinese New Year.  So a quick intro on the celebration practices during CNY.

Families all get together and have a huge dinner.  Or several as it's a three day holiday.  Married people hand out red envelopes to those non-married (usually younger).  Red envelopes are filled with cash.  One bill per envelope.  Several envelopes per person.  A nice little system don't you think?

Seeing as I work with 3 people, all of which are foreigners, I got zero red envelopes despite my non-married status.  Paul, however, works at a kindergarten and got loads of envelopes.  Check out the take!
Plethora of RED
Cash for nothing?  No problem!

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