Monday, January 9, 2012

Grey Day

I am convinced my mood is directly tied to how brightly the sun is shining.  Yesterday was gorgeous!  Probably almost 70 and I was hum-hoing happy all day.  Had a great run/gym sesh in the am, got a lot done in the office, had a great tutoring session with Natalie (she's my favorite!), came home and made awesome lunches for today, caught up on my magazines and watched Top Chef til I fell asleep.  All around a perfect day.

Today tis dreary.  Paul dragged me out of bed by 7:30, we had a pleasant enough walk to school and then I promptly turned around and walked the entire way home.  Wasn't feeling the run today.  Everything just seems a little slower today, ya know?

My whole office, well Sean and Lionel and JC, is in Macau for a trade show, so it's just Greg and I holding down the fort for a couple days.  He'll go join the boys on Thursday or Friday and it'll just be little old me in the office.  Party!  Probably not, but I am hosting my first solo event Friday night....while all of my friends go to an all you can drink dinner together in Sheung Wan.  Working weekends has its downsides.  But today I get one of the perks of working for a wine company.  Sean and Greg, and by extension me, were invited to a restaurant opening in Kennedy Town tonight.  They have no interest so me and Pres of FLA are going to check it out.  Soft opening, yes please!  Let you know how it goes.

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