Sunday, January 8, 2012


Brought the Wii and new cord and old cord back to the same shop where we bought the cord, and where Paul tried the Wii last time and it worked, and guess what.  It worked there again!  WTF.  Why won't it work in our apartment? This is mind boggling.  There's no way our plugs are any different than theirs.  We sat there in awe and then the dude finally grabbed another cord with a slightly different prongy thing (3 instead of 2) and said to try a different one.  Fine fine, we'll try.  But we're not getting our hopes up!

A 10 k walk home (tis a beautiful sunny day here in HK), Paul plugs it in, and do do dooooo, it WORKS!  Yey!!!

Paul will probably be up til 4 am playing Mario.  First it's off to dinner in Sheung Wan with Kina.  Can't wait to catch up!

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