Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't Worry

I have heard some general concern recently about my whereabouts due to the lack of posts.  Sorry, it was impolite of me to check in!  I should have at least put a little 'I'm still alive' in there.  Paul and I made a very difficult decision and opted to leave our beloved iphones at home, so really we had no choice.  I swear.
But alas, my hiatus is over, much to my tanned self's sadness.  So let me tell you a little about where we have been hiding this past week.   Paul and I took our favorite 5 am airport shuttle, enjoyed some 6 am breakfast beers, and napped on the two hour flight to Manila.  Manila, as I have experienced first hand two years ago, is a total shit hole.  We had a five hour layover and decided to skip the shit and chill at the airport.  Well let me tell you, Manila airport for as much as it sucked 2 years ago, has totally cleaned its act up.  Does anyone remember my sad story about almost having to pan handle my way out of the Philippines all those 2 years ago?  Well as a refresher, this crap little airport charges you 750 pesos (~$18) as an exit tariff.  No one told me this and I had zero pesos and zero access to pesos.  Finally aircrapphilippine "loaned" me the money.  I have yet to repay.  ANYWAY, point of the story, this money has actually been reinvested into improving the airport!  Weird!  There are tons of eatery choices, but the Americans in us could not avoid the pull of the Gambler.  Kenny Rogers Roasters.  Asa.

So we had our fun eating this "healthy" food that had this strange glossy sheen to it, and still had some time to kill.  Airport Massages!! An hour later and twas already time to check in and board.  While in line we met the nicest couple.  We shared a few words about Palawan and bade each other good bye.

Sorry my friends, Paul has just arrived home from work and tutoring so it's time for Californication and a glass of Sauv Blanc (a new favorite).  I know the suspense of WHAT we did on vacation is killing you, but I promise, I will fill in the holes tomorrow.  Good evening.  

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