Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paul's Potato Project

So our little dinner project turned into a rather large dinner project.  As I mentioned, Paul spent a solid hour or two peeling potatoes (sweet and regular) Wednesday night, and boiled them so we would be ready to go on Thursday. And thank god he did or we would have been up all night making gnocchi.

I think we got a little over eager with this project, for Paul bought probably the wet market's stock of potatoes.  I'm guessing we had over 10lbs.  For two of us...

Boiling the giant sized gnocchi
haha but anyway, this was the blind leading the blind.  We mashed, started kneading some egg into the mash, and slowly added flour.  And then more flour and more flour until there was none left and we were both elbow deep in potato goo.  Paul graciously volunteered to run down to Yata where he picked up two more bags of flour while I waited with my good hand in the goo.   And again, thank god, because we needed it.  I finally decided my gnocchi was ready to go, so I dropped little plops of dough into the boiling pot.  While they were cooking (all 3 minutes) I took some of the excess potato goo and put it into a skillet to make chapatis/pizza crusts.   Stuck those in the freezer, so now we're set on our starch consumption for the next month!  Then it was Paul's turn to make his gnocchis.  Two and half hours, 8 or so boiling pots of water, and 3 potato pancakes later and we had all the gnocchi put to bed in the fridge, tucked away in their respective tupperware.

Garlic Rosemary Butter
Review:  They are pretty tasty, especially with Paul's rosemary butter, but definitely not worth the effort.  Next time we'll keep it down to 4 potatoes.  

Potato Master

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